JM Outdoor Living is among the best patio contractors in The Woodlands and Conroe Texas. We take time to plan and design your patio. We can create a patio where all the features come together to create an unique outdoor living space. In effect turning a popular garden space into an outdoor room. Just as a kitchen is the heart of a home the patio can be the essence of your back yards living space.

JM Outdoor Living constantly works to stay current with new materials and design to create fresh new looks through our designs in custom swimming pools, outdoor living area and landscapes in The Woodlands and Conroe Texas. This means your investment will look amazing and maximize enjoyment for many years to come. Let us design and build you an outdoor environment that will not only help you enjoy your home, but increase it’s visual appeal and market value.

At JM Outdoor Living, we offer a full suite of in-house design-build services. For a complimentary consultation, fill out our simple contact form or give us a call at 832.586.6224. We are ready to answer all of your questions and tell you how JM Outdoor Living can make your landscape design dreams come true!

You and your family will love the change!